Ekurhuleni township businesses have started a campaign to try and improve the circulation of the rand within the townships.

The movement believes that billions of Rands leave the townships through Somalian shops, malls, drug dealing etc.

“We will deal with one problem at a time. We have started with the low hanging fruit. A compulsory minimum of 20% locally/township manufactured tested & compliant products must be sold by all Somalian shops.”

“We have started talks with Government departments & relevant stakeholders. After all, policies & regulations are created by people. We cannot sit & agonize, we must stand up & organize.”

“It is our Township, it is our money, and it is our economy. BE SMART VIOLENCE WON’T SOLVE OUR PROBLEMS.”

#BuyTownship #InvestTownship #EkurhuleniTownshipBusiness.


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