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22 year old Senzekile Siyolo from Phola Park Ext 5 in Thokoza was allegedly brutally assaulted by her lover on the 11th of January.

According to her sister, Zanele, Senzekile left home on Friday night, going to a party and she did not come home that night. On Saturday, her boyfriend came to report that he and Senzekile were fighting.

“My sister took the news lightly and only went to check on her on Sunday, she found her unconscious and thought that she was still drunk. In the afternoon she went back to check on her, she found her gasping as though she was having a seizure, so we took her to Phola Park clinic,” said Zanele.

“After being examined the Dr told us that there was no trace of alcohol in her system and we were referred to Thelle Mogoerane Hospital. My sister arrived at the hospital around 6am and at about 9am the nurses told my sister to leave and they would admit Senzekile,” she continued.

“At 4pm we received a call from the hospital informing us that my little sister was in ICU and her condition was critical.”

Senzekile was discovered to be brain damaged on the 13th of January, doctors believe that it was caused by internal bleeding and she succumbed to her death on the 20th of February.

“He gave my little sister a bath after assaulting her. We only received her bloody t-shirt after her passing which he brought.”

According to Zanele, Senzekile had teeth marks at her back, broken fingers and her one leg was black as though she had blood stuck in it.

The family opened a case of assault on the 14 of January which resulted in the boyfriend’s arrest. To their dismay they discovered that the suspect whom they were told was in Boksburg prison was actually home with his family.

“When we went to court on the 7th of February, he came with his family and did not seem like someone who was coming from prison,” alluded Zanele.

The investigating officer has told the family that there is not enough evidence therefore they are going to investigate.

“We are not happy with how the case has been handled, the investigating officer is not communicating with us, I don’t understand why they say there is not enough evidence when we found her unconscious body in his shack and he is the one who told us about the fight,” said distress Zanele.

The family is going to PalmRidge Magistrate court again on the 19th of March.

Senzekile will be laid to rest this Saturday 9 March 2019.

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