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Children of War Documentary Evokes Sad Memories

Nhlanhla Mthethwa’s Chidren of War documentary which aired on Tuesday night on SABC 1 has opened old wounds for the people of Thokoza.

Through visuals and photographs, the documentary shows the brutal killings. A group of people share their version of events and how they had to abandon their childhood to become soldiers and carry weapons.
The community which has endured so much grief and pain because of the 1990s black on black violence which to date still has no cause, had to relive the trauma.

People can only speculate about what the actual reason behind this war was about, taxi violence, tribalism or perhaps political war. The likely answer is that the old regime played on all of these things so as to incite black-on-black violence.

Fight or be killed, the survivors only had one thing in mind and that was to defend their territory. They came in contact with dangerous riffles such as AK-47 which they alleges were bought in Phola Park.

One thing they all have in common is that they all witnessed brutal killing which has left them scarred for life.
This documentary shares insightful information about how the war started and how Thokoza was before the wars, people living in harmony and what became of the place after the wars.

Although the community suffered a lot during the apartheid area, the community feels that their history is not being embarrassed fully.

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  • This is sad, its opens the old wounds but the sad part is that , we suffered during that time and we are still suffering even today. The only people that are enjoying these democracy and freedom are only foreigners, which is not fair on our side. We were supposed to be the first preference in everything. But sad….